Become a count or countess of Neuschwanstein Manor

You already know Neuschwanstein Castle!

It’s Walt Disney’s Cinderella Castle

Your new coat of arms

Now you can legally get a magnificent title with the name of the castle and you will become the

Count or Countess of Neuschwanstein Manor

  • You will not only buy a title of nobility, but you will also receive a co-ownership of our land at Neuschwanstein Manor
  • Present yourself, friends, or relatives. Our authentic certificates of appointment are a real hit as a gift
  • Get your  beautiful, colorful and very informative brochure with country and title information
  • We also provide you with the authentic coat of arms of the Neuschwanstein manor, which you can use indefinitely

Incredible but true: You can buy a genuine nobility title right here.

Welcome to the Counts of Neuschwanstein Manor. Here you can actually buy a genuine title. And not only that, you will also receive co-ownership of our land in Neuschwanstein Manor, Bavaria, Germany. We look forward to taking you here on an exciting and interesting discovery, at the end of which you will have the opportunity to call yourself Count or Countess and your children a Prince or Princess of Neuschwanstein Manor.

How to become noble

We have a property near the castle, known as the “Manor of Neuschwanstein”. We make you a co-owner of this property and thereby a count or countess. Contrary to what is usually known about titles of nobility, this lordship is not awarded by a king and then passed on to his descendants. It is tied instead to the ownership of the land and is automatically passed on to the new (co-) owner when the land is sold or inherited.

This opens up, of course, unexpected perspectives for people like you and me who were not born into illustrious circles. Just buy a plot of land, and ‘Count’ or ‘Countess’ of Neuschwanstein Manor is ready. The nice thing about it: the size of the land does not matter. So we own a 1-acre piece of land near Neuschwanstein Castle, for which we sell you shared ownership. This joint ownership makes you a landowner.

Thats what our customers say

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Easy ordering, good price, fast delivery!

The download of the certificate worked well. The quote itself was simply given to the friend afterwards. I thought you could get both in 24 hours.

I am a very content Countess of Neuschwanstein. Will only sign like this, even if I accept my mail etc. 😉

Great gift idea for friends or family! The titles are of high quality and the delivery is super fast! I can only recommend

Fast delivery, good quality - what more could you ask for? 🙂 I can only recommend it!

A real insider tip for everyone who is looking for a special gift. I'm glad I discovered the site.

Delivery includes a clear information folder, the content is interesting and beautiful if you are a bit interested in the background of the title.

Funny as a gift for any occasion. Arrived relatively quickly too.

I have already bought several titles from the site and am always amazed by the quality of the certificates and the friendly customer service. This time the delivery took a little longer, otherwise I am still satisfied.

I was looking for a "something different" gift for my husband and came across this item by accident. It was immediately clear to me: "This is it!" A really unusual gift idea, which was also very well received. A special gift for someone special, even if you don't necessarily have any connection with Neuschwarnstein.

What can I do with a title of Count?

Apart from the great feeling of owning a small piece of land next to Neuschwanstein Castle, the title will give you a lot of pleasure. Imagine how the framed certificate will look on your wall at home and how many amazed looks it will attract. Everyone will ask you about it, and you can proudly say that you own property near Neuschwanstein Castle and are a real German count (or countess).

But the title is not only fun at home: you can also use it to order a table in a restaurant or to check in at a hotel. We often hear from our customers that a restaurant suddenly has a table for their highness after all or that a free upgrade was granted at the hotel. Wherever you appear with your title, people will perceive you very differently. You’ll have a lot of fun and enjoyment, and that’s what it’s all about.

In addition to sharing ownership of our land at Neuschwanstein, you will receive a great package to document your new noble title with lots of information.

You will receive a certificate of appointment, on which we will appoint you Count or Countess. This confirms joint ownership and the right to call yourself Count or Countess and your children Prince and Princess in the future.

However, since the new title also affects your relatives, we will enclose a second certificate free of charge, on which your partner’s name will appear. Your children will not miss out either: for a small contribution towards expenses, you will also receive certificates for all your children. If you wish to purchase land and title for a group of friends, we will be happy to issue the certificates in other non-family names. You will then share the property with your friends, but each will have its own certificate.

The certificates of appointment come as pdf by email within 30 minutes after your order, together with the coat of arms of the County of Neuschwanstein and we will send you our lovingly designed brochure “Neuschwanstein Manor” with lots of information about your title and the land.

Make your children a Prince or Princess of Neuschwanstein Manor

The children of earls are titled as prince or princess. Imagine how great it would be if you could give this title to your children in connection with Neuschwanstein, the logo of Walt Disney! In addition to your two certificates, we will also be happy to issue more for your children. You can easily choose this option when ordering.

The allure of a noble title is often irresistible to many people who find high society out of reach. The idea of sipping champagne with a prince, cruising through the city in a fancy car as a prince, or reserving a table at a posh restaurant as a count can be highly tempting. Though we frequently hear about people with noble titles in the media, it is often unclear how they were obtained. Today, the majority of titles of nobility are simply purchased, with few acquired by birth, marriage, or adoption. With years of experience in dealing with titles of nobility since 1999, we are well-equipped to provide you with information about purchasing a legal title of nobility.

There is a common misconception that buying a title of nobility is illegal. However, this is not the case. It is possible to become an aristocrat by purchasing an aristocratic title, since you have the freedom to choose your own name and have a coat of arms created for it. However, it is important to understand that legally, it is considered a stage name with a coat of arms, and purchasing a title does not make you a true noble by birth, marriage, or adoption. “Real” titles of nobility cannot be purchased, as they are inherited only by descendants of noble families, which is beyond one’s control.

Nevertheless, more and more people are choosing to purchase a title of nobility as an elegant pseudonym, given that the law allows for the freedom to choose one’s name, and everyone has the right to an artist name. If you have always dreamt of being a baron, count, or prince, purchasing a title of nobility can make that dream come true. It is important to note, however, that listing the title of nobility on your identification card requires credible proof that you use the title in everyday life and always appear under that name in public. If you can provide such evidence, the title can even be entered in your official ID.

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